Waldersten Online Gallery


Framtagning av det visuella konceptet och den funktionella helheten av Jesper Walderstens Online Gallery.

Om galleriet: The artist Jesper Waldersten has always gone his own way, challenging old notions of reality and the art world. Waldersten Online Gallery is just another step in the same direction. At Waldersten Online Gallery you can find original paintings from previous exhibitions presented in new contexts and rarities that never have been shown before as well as odd sketches, signed books and prints in small editions, all of which are available for purchase. Waldersten Online Gallery is also an active exhibition area where you can experience unique, changing, and unconventional exhibitions. You also have the opportunity to follow Jesper Waldersten’s work via the blog or twitter and through pictures and videos from the studio where most of the works take shape.