Ok. To cut a long story short. I’m a Stockholm based graphic designer, art director and illustrator. I studied advertising and graphic design at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. Since my graduation I have had many different kinds of assignments, employers, campaigns and projects. I have worked by myself, with a few selected people or in larger constellations. I’ve made a couple of books, several products and created many many illustrations, forms and lines.

I’m extremely curious about the possibilities that come with new thinking, but I’m very impressed by the way things were done before. I love the huge concepts but I also enjoy the tiny details. I want my work to be thorough and competent but never ever loose it’s personal dance steps. I believe that beautiful design, attractive pictures or great ideas always have to be built on careful thinking, a grain of salt, huge respect and big warm hearts.

Check out some of my work and projects here. And don’t hesitate to contact me.